Software Development and managing websites is what we do. Nowadays software plays a major part in almost every aspect of our life. Computers have changed dramatically since starting in them over 30 years ago. So we are sure we can work on any project you require.

We have developed our own simple Content Management Systsem (CMS) to allow you to add content to your web site. Needing some specialised data formatting and data collection ? Then let us use our CMS to help you with these tasks.

Many items have embedded computers and are even integrated into web sites. For example the Ticket System at Dunfermline Athletic consists of a small embedded computer connect to a Barcode and Chip card Reader. This system is also integrated to the Online ticketing system as well as the back-end logging and reporting system.

Our expertise covers emebedded systems, PC applications, Networks solutions, online databases and Phone applications.

So no matter what type of Software Development you wish we can soon produce a product for you.

Software Foundation was established in 1989 to provide facilities to help in software development. We currently develop Content Management Systems (CMS) to allow web sites to be managed and updated with ease.

Whether you have news, pictures, documents, forms then the CMS can make your life so much easier.

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One part of our company, 2MX, specialises in development of the Internet. Check out our portfolio to see a wide range of web sites and services that we offer.